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Student Jobs

"working at UH DINING while studying at uh is fun, flexible, convenient, and can lead to more career opportunities!"

Positions available at all locations, including Moody Towers and Cougar Woods Dining Commons, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Market, Catering and more! Click the button above and complete the application in its entirety. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact UH Dining Human Resources at 832-842-5993.


competitive wages

premium pay for overnight shifts

free meal for every shift worked

Same Day Pay Options available

 Student Experiences


"Being a marketing intern for Chartwells Higher Education has taught me so much and allowed me to grow professionally. I had so much fun creating, learning, and absorbing every new task and lesson I learned within this internship. I am so grateful for the team I had throughout my internship because they let me grow independently and taught me how successful group and teamwork can be. I have gained the knowledge of  social media marketing, event planning, communication, and so much more. I cannot wait to implement my gained knowledge and confidence into my future careers."

Marketing Intern (2021-23)



"I started working with ChartwellsHE at Starbucks when I first came to college. I gained experience working front-end with customers and understanding the connection Chartwells valued with their guests, and that made the transition to Marketing intern a natural one. Having experienced both the first-hand interaction with guests and learning about the back-end work that makes everything possible for other students on campus has contributed to my growth in more ways than one. I feel prepared to step into my career knowing I've gained the personal skills to be successful and confident with what I set myself to do."

Marketing Intern (2022-23)

Claudia Ventura

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Our Mission

"Our Mission At UH dining is to promote diversity + inclusivity in our workplace and practice sustainability to reduce our carbon footprint."



·  Sustainable Seafood

·  rGHB Free Milk & Yogurt

·  Reduced Antibiotic Poultry

·  Cage-Free Eggs

·  Eco/Fair Trade Products

·  Reducing Waste to Landfill

·  Reducing Single Use Plastics

·  Fighting Food Insecurity



Over 20% of Chartwells produce across the nation

is purchased locally in support of the American Family Farmers.

diversity +


2020 & 2021 Compass Awards:​

  • Best for Diversity - Forbes

  • Best for New Grads - Forbes

  • Best for Women - Forbes

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